Welcome to the workshop registration page for the Twin Cities Improv Festival ::  TCIF11 features an incredible line-up of teachers covering several different disciplines 

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Individuals: $80 per class
TCIF performers: $60 per class

There are opportunities to study with Becky Johnson, Kayla Lorette (the Sufferettes)!
Musical improv with Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto (Here)!
and/or Nnamdi NgwePatrick Rowland and John Thibadeaux (3Peat)!

TCIF workshops are not suitable for absolute beginners – and all workshops are 18+

Register now – These will sell out. 


Musical Improv – Theory and Practice With Tara DeFrancisco and Rance Rizzutto (Here)

This workshop is perfect for anyone looking to start their path into musical improv, or build on the skills they currently have. Tara and Rance will alleviate any fears of musical improv, as well as give you the skills to turn any scene into a musical opportunity.


Playing Fast and Fun with Patrick Rowland (3Peat)

This class that teaches folks how to play for quicker pacing, just like the team 3Peat in Chicago. How tight can you be as an ensemble? If you trust each other enough and have the energy to play hard, you can guarantee you are able to both come together and sustain a fast, high energy show.


Grounded Characters in Absurd Situations with Kayla Lorette (The Sufferettes)

As improvisers, we can take our scene work to fantastical places, but striking the balance between the absurd and the grounded is important for interesting and dynamic improvisation. This workshop strives to explore truthful character work that can exist within any scene, giving it heart and integrity. No matter what sort of scenario you find yourself in, this workshop will provide you with the tools to have your characters respond from an honest and emotional place. Once you begin to apply these nuances to your work, you’ll find your audience is much more connected to what you’re sharing with them. Plus it totally makes it more funny, which never hurts.


Find Your Character with John Thibodeaux (3Peat)

Sometimes performers have a tough time finding a character and inspiration to keep a scene going once in character. This workshop is designed to overcome that and provide tools to find more going forward.


Awareness in Improvisation with Becky Johnson (The Sufferettes)

This workshop is a laboratory on the many kinds of listening we, as improvisers, can engage to enrich the work we do on stage. We will goof around in rhythm, dynamics, tone and maybe, just maybe, will push our awareness to hear things that are impossible to hear. Sounds interesting, right? This workshop is especially good for experienced improvisers interested in the limits of the work we do and where those lists may or may not be. It is also good for performers bored of the patterns they are finding themselves in. It might sound like weird hippy stuff and in a way it is…but in a good way


Your Role in a Piece with Nnamdi Ngwe (3Peat)

Improv is best when people operate as a team. We will focus on opportunities often missed that can transform a good piece into a kick ass piece.

Scholarships are available!Please CLICK HERE



Tara DeFrancisco (Here) was awarded “Funniest Person in Chicago” by the Free Press, “30 Under 30” in the Windy City Times, and “25 Funniest Females 2009” in Curve Magazine for her ventures in stand up, sketch, and improv. She teaches improv courses and workshops to people of all ages and backgrounds across this nation, and that’s about the most rewarding thing ever – traveling to elementary and high schools, colleges, and offices all over the country as both an introductory instructor and a professional Comedy Consultant. Tara has taught for all ComedySportz, iO, and Second City in Chicago, both in-house and on location. Tara is a 3-year veteran of Second City Touring Company, a decorated ComedySportz 3-time MVP, and an iO teacher, coach, house performer, and enthusiast. There are no words for how very thankful she is.

Rance Rizzutto (Here) has performed, coached and taught improv for years. Long-form with iO Chicago (Chaos Theory) and other various independent groups. Short-form with ComedySportz and Second City Theatricals (aboard NCL ships). Musical and hip-hop/rap with The Deltones, Baby Wants Candy, and The Beatbox. Even silent improv in The Silent Treatment. Rance has coached and designed team building and provided services for Intel, Nike, AT&T, Wells Fargo, IBM, Hewlett Packard and more. He’s even done improv all over the world, mostly in Here, a two person musical with Tara DeFrancisco herself! He is also known for his photography, hypnotism, and hosting.

John Thibodeaux (3Peat) currently works a staff writer on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He is an alum of the Second City Touring Company and member of the critically-acclaimed improv team 3Peat. John also co-created the online pilot The StartUp which won the CWseed development deal at the New York Television Festival in 2013.  Follow him on Twitter: @john_thibodeaux

Nnamdi Ngwe (3Peat) is an actor, model, Improvisor, teacher, writer, and hugger. He studied and teaches at iO Theater, The Second City, and The Bovine Metropolis Theater. Nnamdi wrote and stared in Julius which earned him a trip to the New York Television Festival and a nomination for Best Screenplay at the Best Of The Midwest Film Awards among others.
Nnamdi can be seen across the world touring with 3Peat, and iO Theater.
More info can be found at or follow him on Twitter: @nnamdingwe

Patrick Rowland (3Peat) teaches improv and sketch around Chicago. He has trained at The Second City and iO Chicago. Patrick is a recipient of 2014 Bob Curry Fellowship, is an alum of the Second City House Company, and has performed as an understudy for the Second City mainstage, aboard the NCL Gem, as well as two revues with Outreach and Diversity Program. He can be seen performing at iO Chicago and across the country with 3Peat, The Deltones, Armando, and Musical Armando. His solo sketch has been featured in the 2013 TBS Just For Laughs Festival. For more info visit Follow him on Twitter: @patrickrowland3

Becky Johnson (the Sufferettes) is a multi-decade practitioner of improvised comedy and other non-literary theatrical forms. She bring a long background in improv together with a nearly-as-long background in clown and physical theatre forms. Becky is a recent alumna of the mainstage ensemble at Second City Toronto and has toured extensively with her two improv duos, Iron Cobra (with Graham Wagner) and The Sufferettes (with Kayla Lorette). She has also been on TV a bit and a films a bit. She has won multiple Canadian Comedy Awards!

Kayla Lorette (the Sufferettes)  has been performing and teaching improv for nearly a decade. Her improv duo, The Sufferettes won back-to- back Canadian Comedy Awards for Best Improv Troupe with Kayla also winning for Best Female Improviser in 2014. As an improviser, Kayla has toured internationally, performing and teaching throughout Europe and North America, headlining numerous comedy festivals and opening for acts like Aparna Nancherla and Maria Bamford.