Selection emails are on their way!

We are rolling out emails to everyone that submitted with their selection status over the next week – if you haven’t heard anything yet, don’t panic – we are trying to confirm everything as we go to make sure emails are getting through to everyone and we will post the list of selections once every group has been notified!

Thank you all for your patience and for submitting to be part of TCIF9

We say this every year but selections are the hardest thing we have to do all year – because we’ve chosen to remain a small, single-venue festival it means that we can never invite all the groups that we would like – but the decisions are never easy, thanks to all the incredible groups and performers that are part of this process. The performers that come to TCIF over the years are what has made our Festival such a fun honor and privilege to be a part of and we hope that you can all make it to the Twin Cities at some point.

Again and again and again – thank you

Butch, Lauren and Nels

Five Man Job Рproducers of the Twin Cities Improv Festival


Local Submissions will open March 15th

Watch this space for links and all the information!

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