TCIFX Performing Lineup

10th annual Twin Cities Improv Festival :: TCIFX

June 22-26th, 2016 at HUGE Improv Theater


Members of HUGE Theater will have early access to tickets!

Wednesday, June 22nd
8 pmTroubadour / Where I Am Now / Foterson / Cross Weaving

Thursday, June 23rd
7 pmWe Know Each Other / KINGS / Stevie Ray’s

8:30 pmGay/Straight Alliance / Second Wave Feminist Nightmare Enclave

10 pm – BASSPROV / Drum Machine 

11 pm  – Blackout / Adventures of Tim, Troy & Damian

Friday, June 24th
7 pm –  Ferrari McSpeedy / FrankenMatt

8:30 pmComedySportz Twin Cities / Bearded Men Improv 

10 pm – 3 For All 

11:30 pm – SCRAM / The Brave New Workshop

12:30 am  – Five Man Job / Darby Lane

Saturday, June 25th
6 pm – The Bad MammaJammas

7 pm – FrankenMatt Feel Good About Yourself Orchestra

8:30 pm – 3 For All

10 pm – The Mess / Ladyfriend

Sunday, June 26th
6 pm –  Rated G

8pm – License to Krill / The Mustache Rangers / Juliet & Juliet / MAYHEM 


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Workshops are sure to fill up fast and shows absolutely WILL sell out

A Message from Five Man Job :: 

Making selections for the improv festival is always an incredible challenge for all the best reasons – really the same reasons we decided to produce the festival in the first place – the Twin Cities is so full of amazing performers and so many groups that we want to hold up for everyone to see each year. Far more, in fact, than we will ever be able to fit in one week or even one month of shows.

We always want this festival to be a great experience for the improv community in the Twin Cities, so for our tenth year we did something different by opening the process up for nominations rather than submissions and our returning headline groups represent performers and instructors that we are most frequently asked to bring back.

What we saw in the nomination form was a wonderful outpouring of mutual respect and admiration between artists in this community when people were nominating their favorite groups (and, since this is Minnesota, usually a humble apology when someone was nominating their own group for consideration) and really great testimonials from audiences and fans about their favorite groups.

As fans of the Twin Cities improv community it was inspiring to see the way we feel about it echoed back in great and loving detail.  As the people that had to trim the list from almost 100 nominations down to just twenty-two selections, it added insight and made the process somehow more challenging.

As festival producers, this is the greatest luxury imaginable – having so many grade A, top-shelf, solid gold performers and groups to invite – and it allows us to put together a festival lineup that is second to none.  The festival is our way of celebrating not only the names on the lineup but all the performers and groups that make the Twin Cities the BEST place to be an improviser, the easiest place to be a festival producer and the hardest place to be a member of the selection committee.

Thank you for all your talent and energy all year long and for allowing us to be your festival for the last ten summers – it is a tremendous honor and privilege that we intend to continue.


Thank you,

Butch, Lauren and Nels


Producers : Twin Cities Improv Festival